Each year, the Mountains to the Desert Bike Ride serves as the single fundraising event for the Just For Kids Foundation. We encourage you to help by fundraising this year! Every dollar raised through participant fundraising before and during the ride is matched dollar for dollar by the Carstens Family Fund at the Denver Foundation. That money is then awarded to individuals and organizations that provide leadership opportunities for regional youth as well as organizations that promote self-sufficiency and responsibility. Over the past ten years, the Just For Kids Foundation is proud to have raised over $2 Million; all of which has been awarded to hundreds of organizations benefitting thousands of underprivileged children. Help us meet our goal of raising over $100,000 for youth in the San Miguel Watershed this year!

For every $250 raised for the Just For Kids Foundation, fundraisers will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win many amazing prizes and receive a free t-shirt (the more $ you raise, the more raffle tickets you receive for a chance to win)! Individuals that fundraise the most money for the Just For Kids Foundation will be awarded top secret gifts at the awards ceremony. We hope you will consider helping us fundraise this year and a big thanks from the Just For Kids Foundation!! DONATE HERE or during your registration for the ride.

This year’s grand fundraising prize is a $4,500 credit with BootDoctors in Telluride for a Specialized Road Bike!




Kyle Rasmussen

For a small town kid, the Just For Kids Foundation is a door of opportunity, encouragement, and possibility. I received a grant from Just For Kids in 2007 to help fund my internship through the Pinhead Institute that brought me to the Botanical Research Institute of Texas in Fort Worth. This also involved a 2-week adventure in the heart of the rainforest in Peru. I was also honored to receive the 2009 Man of La Mancha scholarship upon graduation from Norwood, Colorado. Yes, the money made a tremendous difference in both of these academic endeavors, but I believe the value of what JFK provides goes beyond a dollar amount. JFK fosters life-changing opportunities for the youth of the San Miguel Watershed region; opportunities that would otherwise not exist. My hope is that my testimony proves that the Just For Kids Foundation clearly and sincerely aims to propel young people academically, professionally, and creatively. My internship in Texas and Peru opened my eyes to a much bigger snapshot of the world. From that moment on, a longing was planted in my heart to want to make an impact on the world through my future works. Now, at age 24 I am pursuing a M.S. in Public Communication and Technology. I am also excited to share that I have launched a global documentary production company called BlueShoe Media that aims to use empathetic storytelling to cultivate understanding across vast cultural differences. I have assembled a team that will be traveling to Asia this summer to shoot our first full-feature documentary under BlueShoe Media. Just For Kids is a vital resource for the San Miguel Watershed community. Looking back, this paragraph would not exist without their dedicated support. Thank you, Just For Kids!

  – Kyle Rasmussen, JFK Grant Recipient 

Just for Kids has been supporting Telluride Academy for many years. Their consistent support has helped our non-profit organization send hundreds of local children in need of financial assistance to summer camp every year. Their annual support has also provided significant resources to help keep our communities long-standing after-school climbing program going strong. Originally funded by Bill Carsten, the founder of JFK, the Academy’s Horizon after-school climbing program, over the past 30 years, has served many of our communities most at-risk children. Today, our “New-Horizon” after-school program is not only thriving but growing offering rock climbing, mountain biking and a Global Citizen educational program for students in grades K-8.

-Elaine Demas, Executive Director at Telluride Academy


The Just For Kids Foundation supports youth throughout the San Miguel Watershed and the Naturita High School & Nucla High School received funds to work on an art project in conjunction with the Ah Haa School. This mosaic was a community effort with many individuals chipping in with their time and funds in addition to the Just For Kids Foundation.



We now have group fundraising! In an effort to help you meet your fundraising goals and have fun along the way, we’ve added team fundraising. After you have selected your mileage option when registering you can set up a new fundraising team, join a fundraising team or leave this section blank to fundraise as an individual.

We will be awarding the best group fundraisers in Gateway on September 24. This is the perfect opportunity to train, fundraise and ride with a group of family or friends leading up to the event and on ride day!

If you have more questions about group fundraising or need help with your personal fundraising account, contact m2dbikeride@gmail.com.