Need to set up a fundraising account but can’t figure out how? Here are some easy steps to make it happen and send out your first fundraising email!

1. Head to our fundraising page here:

​2. Click on ‘Create Your Own Fundraising Page’ in the upper righthand corner.


3. Sign Up by filling in all of your details. You can change the title of your page, the description and your goal amount, or you can keep it!

​4. We’ve put some information into the account for you, but all of it can be personalized to reflect your goals and description of why you are helping to raise money for the Just For Kids Foundation. You can even add your own images, video, etc.

​5. Click on ‘Create Page’.

​Once you have your page setup, follow these simple steps to start fundraising!

​1. Click on either ‘View Page’ or ‘Edit Page’ to look at how your page looks and to make changes. Don’t use the ‘Create A New Fundraising Page’ once you have signed up. You are already associated with the Just For Kids Foundation.


2. If you click on ‘View Page’, you can copy and paste your URL into an email to send to your friends and family to start fundraising. 

​3. When people click on your page, they can easily ‘Give Now’.

​4. If you need help setting up your account, reach out to and we’ll guide you through the process, or set up your account for you!


Now that your fundraising account is set up, feel free to copy and paste these email examples to send to your friends and family to start fundraising. Or, use the below M2D/JFK facts to create your own. Just remember to fill in the blanks.

Facts about M2D and JFK to use in your fundraising letter;
* Gateway is 100 miles from Telluride, 70 miles from Norwood and 116 to the top of the summit from Telluride (for a 133 mile total ride – 6,428 vertical feet of climbing and 10,641 of descending)
* Last year the Mountains to Desert Ride raised $70,000 that was then matched and distributed to over 20 organizations throughout the San Miguel Watershed
​* This is the 13th Annual Mountains to the Desert Bike Ride

​* Every dollar raised is matched by the Carstens Family Fund at the Denver Foundation

Dear XXX,

It’s that time of year again, when I ask you to give money so I can ride my bike all day from Telluride to Gateway to help the Just For Kids Foundation. I will don my dorky, matching spandex and turn my normally rushed two-hour Saturday ride into a 5-hour, 100-mile ride to raise money for Just For Kids.

In the past, Just For Kids has raised over $70K through riders who garner sponsors like you. The money raised is then matched by the Carstens Family Fund at the Denver Foundation so that Just For Kids Foundation can distribute over 180k each year to all of the kids organizations in our watershed and offer college scholarships to deserving seniors. 

For all of you awesome second home owners or frequent visitors to Telluride, this benefits organizations such as the Telluride Academy, Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club, and many other programs that so many kids outside of Telluride benefit from. It also helps programs in Norwood, Nucla and Naturita.

Check out our fundraising page for more information, and donate here: XXXenter your custom URL hereXXX.

Thanks so much!

Hello Friends,

It’s time for the roadies to take to the road from Telluride to Gateway for 100 miles of suffering for the Mountains to the Desert Bike Ride. I’ll be rocking my best spandex outfit and am already looking forward to beer at the finish line! So here it is, my once a year ask to support me on my journey and the Just For Kids Foundation… what would you rather do, ride 100 miles or help me fundraise today?!

Just For Kids Foundation:
We’re raising money for the Just For Kids Foundation, one of the best examples of ’think globally, act locally” that I can think of. Just For Kids raises money then gives it out, through a granting process, to over 60 youth organizations in the San Miguel Watershed each year. Money goes for scholarships, program supplies, general operating, special purchases and capacity building for area pre-schools, camps, public schools, mentoring organizations, sports teams, and arts and music programs. Every dollar raised is matched by the Carstens Family Fund at the Denver Foundation, so rest assured your dollar is truly going the distance (just like me on Saturday, September 24th). 

Help me by donating today; everyone benefits from an educated, well-adjusted youth. Here is the link, and all you need to do is click on ‘Give Now’- XXX enter your custom URL here XXX.

​Thanks for your support!

Hi Friends & Family!

It’s that time of year again, the Mountains to the Desert Bike Ride (M2D) training is underway and that means fundraising for the Just For Kids Foundation is upon us. This is my XX year riding XXX miles (from Telluride to Gateway, CO) for M2D, a brilliant road bike ride from the colorful mountains of Telluride to the beautiful desert landscape of Gateway, CO and I need your support!

I’m hoping to raise $XXXX for underprivileged youth in the San Miguel Watershed and need your help. It’s time for us to step up and donate to kids who are less fortunate than we have been. Let’s help send a kid to summer camp, take an art class, rent a book from the library, go to preschool and so much more. Remember, no amount is too small ($10, $20… $100, whatever you can make happen is perfect!), and the good news is that your donation is tax deductible!

I hope you will consider helping me reach my goal and donate to this amazing cause. If you know others who may want to help out, please feel free to forward my email. What’s easier, donating $100 or riding 100 miles?

Start by navigating here: XXX enter your custom URL here XXX and click on ‘Give Now’.

Thanks for your support & consider joining us for the 13th Annual Mountains to the Desert Bike Ride on Saturday, September 24th, 2016!! You can ride or help by being a volunteer. 

Thanks for your support!

Hi XXX, 

I’m reaching out to you today in hopes you can help me reach my fundraising goal for the Just For Kids Foundation through the Mountains to the Desert Bike Ride. I’m riding XXX miles from Telluride to Gateway, CO. It’s a long and windy road, but someone has to do it.

The Just For Kids Foundation provides monetary support for children’s organizations and underprivileged youth throughout the San Miguel Watershed. Each year, countless kids are positively impacted by our fundraising efforts. I’ve committed to fundraising $XXXX this year and hope that you can help me reach my goal. No amount is too small, each and every bit helps!

Here is the link to help support me (XXX enter your custom URL here), and the Just For Kids Foundation! Feel free to check out their website for more information, or  to learn about the bike ride.

Thanks for your support!

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